Sprinkler System PAGE 39.

April 22 2017:  The last of the six zones is on the East side of the house north of the driveway.  There are only FOUR sprinklers here, and all of them rotate.  The 180-degree rotating head seen here has water visible only close to the head due to the shadows and lighting affecting the camera exposure.

This photo north of the driveway shows a pop-up nozzle with a 90-degree sweep at the corner of the driveway and  concrete area where the trash and recycle cans are kept.  The closer pop-up sweeps 180 degrees.

The last of the four rotating sprinklers here is seen near the big oak tree closer to the northeast corner of the lot.  This sprayer rotates a full 360 degrees.

There is one fixed pop-up nozzle with a 90-degree coverage at the southeast corner of the garage by the driveway.  That old rotten board with the nails in it seen on the walkway to the front door was found behind those bushes up against the wall of the garage.  This is the first of the sprayers in the southeast sprinkler zone.

This pop-up sprayer rotates 180 degrees from its location midway down the length of the driveway on the south edge of the concrete.

The sprinkler at the southeast corner of this zone does not oscillate.  I found I could turn it by hand through the 90 degrees of rotation it normally covers.  I have bought a replacement for this location from Home Depot for a price of $7.47 per unit.  I purchased three of these pop-up rotating sprinklers.  One will be installed here set to cover the 90-degree range.

This image outlines the sprinklers in this zone.  Only one of them needs to be replaced.

Here is a close-up of the rotating sprinkler nearest to the camera in the photo above.  This one will be replaced.

This image shows all five of the pop-up sprinklers that do not rotate, but do have 180 degrees of coverage facing the street from the edge of the sidewalk.  Half of the grass in this area was killed by the debris from the hurricane last year. 

This is the rotating sprayer seen in the photo above.  It is working correctly.

This image shows the TWO shrubbery sprayers behind the shrubs that are in front of the garage wall on the southeast corner of the house.  The stain on the wall was done by that sprayer that was incorrectly aimed until I got in here to point it outward (south).  These are part of the zone that covers the remainder of the pop-ups between the sidewalk and the street.

This image shows a trickle of water from the three pop-ups marked by the yellow lines.

I took this photo to show where all the water is going.  I discovered the underground pipe has a crack between the last two pop-up sprinklers in this zone.  A large tree root is the problem here.  I was planning to replace the broken pop-up at the end of the line where the water is bubbling up.  The crack in the pipe cannot be easily repaired.  I had to dig to find this sprinkler under ground level by at least 3 inches.  I probed with a screwdriver to find it.

This is the last pop-up sprinkler before the cracked pipe.  I will be digging down here to cap off the underground pipe and make this one the last one in the line.  I can cover that area by adjusting the sweep of the rotating head on the north side of the sidewalk.