Master Bedroom Floor Tile Installation PAGE 35.

December 27, 2016:  The old carpet is finally replaced in a three-day project between Christmas and New Year's holidays.  The labor lasts for two days and the final curing of the grout is completed on the third day.  This first day made short work of the old carpet and padding.

Here is one of the two walk-in closets stripped of the carpet, padding, and base boards.

The other closet has some built-in shelves and you can see the guys have also removed the base boards.

The bedroom gets the same treatment.

Finishing the floor requires a scraper to get up some glue that was under the padding near the walls.  I did not see the dust on the camera lens until I posted this photo below.

The first of the tile goes into one of the closets.

The tile in the bathroom is not part of the project.  The new tiles are easily moved on the four-wheeled dolly.  The confined space in the closet requires some tiles to be cut down to size.

The first two rows of tiles are in place with the BLUE plastic spacers providing accurate spacing.  That pry bar on the floor was used to pull up the carpet tack strips around the perimeter of the walls.  That "pipe" on the left side of the photo is the metal scraper I mentioned above.  The scraper "edge" is out of the photo at the top of the pipe and leaning up against the wall.

The patio area out behind the Florida room was where the masonry saw was set up and the mixing of the adhesive "MUD" and grout was done.

The bed and all the contents of the bedroom and closets were stored in the Florida room with the access path for the guys doing the work.  The base boards and the wooden part of the king-sized bed are in the foreground.

The installed tiles are approaching the sliding glass door to the Florida room on the first day of work.  All the grout was installed on the SECOND day of work.  I move the bed frame into the room the second night.  One of the guys lives not far from me and he stopped by the morning of the third day to help me get the mattress inside, and to move the television cabinet back in place.  With the grout fully-cured, I was able to bring in the remaining furniture by myself.

January 5, 2017:  Everything was restored to the normal places before the New Year's weekend.  I finally remembered to take these "AFTER" photos today.

The computer desk is just left of the walkway to the bathroom area and the walk-in closets.

Here is the view looking from the closet area back toward the door from the living room.