Hurricane Matthew, October 7, 2016 PAGE 31.

October 7, 2016:  This page contains images of the property taken after the effects of Hurricane Matthew passed by the Melbourne, Florida area.  The wind was blowing fairly well most of the day on Friday.  I took this photo at 6:04 PM.  We had power most of Thursday night, with a brief outage that woke me around 5 AM Friday morning.  A circuit breaker at a nearby power sub-station reset after about five minutes and we had power up until 8 AM this Friday morning.  That was apparently when Florida Power & Light crews turned off our service to work on nearby areas that were affected by the storm.  All the utilities in our neighborhood are underground and were not a problem during the storm.  I called the FPL number to report my outage and left my phone number for a call back report which never came.  We were without power about 30 hours.  I called several times today and Saturday morning until the customer service rep said she would get a crew to check our main circuit breaker at the power sub-station that feeds this area.  I had gone to the Avis car rental location Saturday to turn in the car I used on my trip.   They were closed and boarded up on Thursday and Friday morning.  The wife and I were at a fast food restaurant near Avis when we got the call from home the power had come back on at 1:47 PM Saturday.  Here are all the photos taken Thursday afternoon.  You can see I opened most of the shutters.

The photo above was taken after I had cleared the debris from the driveway.  I put all three cars in the driveway and kept on clearing the mess.  The pile of moss at the corner of the driveway was raked from the driveway.

The limbs you see here were on the driveway when I started clearing away the "stuff".  The pile of moss at the end of the sidewalk was also raked from the driveway area.  The rental car was not damaged by the storm.

Looking north from the driveway shows more about the "fall zone" I had mentioned earlier.  There was nothing on the cars before I moved them from up there to their normal location on the driveway.  Mark usually parks his truck at the spot on the asphalt that is covered with most fallen limbs and moss.

Standing on the top of the putting green that is behind the house is a good place to take these types of photos.  Mark had taken apart his sun shade frame and stowed the pipes near the Florida room.  The six pipes used for legs were on the concrete behind the tall bushes and could not blow away in the storm.

The picture above and this one show the most fallen moss I have ever seen during the three years we have been living here.  The roof still needs to be cleared to insure the rain gutters will work.

This is the west side of the property looking south from in front of the tree philodendrons toward Meadowbrook Road.  The tree limb on the right came from the neighbor's tree.  All the moss and twigs are what I had to clear away before Chris Rose brought his mower to this side of the house on October 13.

This is the result of the storm debris on the front side of the house looking East.

The tree philodendrons at the corner of the house are still being blown by a wind from the west as the hurricane has now moved about 100 miles to the north.

The moss on the roof is also on the south facing area.

This view is from across the street.

All the photos on this page were take between 6:04 PM and 6:20 PM on Friday afternoon, October 7, 2016.