The Golf Course Housing Development PAGE 26.

February 11, 2016: The cleanup of the arsenic contaminated soil from the abandoned golf course behind the house has begun.  The short street where our driveway is connected is the old golf course access road.  It was supposed to be closed to the construction traffic, meaning dump trucks and other heavy equipment.  A low-boy tractor trailer rig brought in a big scoop shovel on tracks to do the soil excavation on Monday, February 8, 2016.  Damage to storm drain in our yard from dump trucks making tight turn to leave the access road while entering Meadowbrook Road.  I am standing on the center line of the street.  The drain opening has been shattered by a dump truck leaving with a full load of contaminated soil.
20160211_164302.jpg (788729 bytes)

Here is the view of the damaged drain as seen from the sidewalk.
20160211_164318.jpg (592807 bytes)

The path of destruction was EIGHT feet from where the truck should have entered the street.
20160211_164339.jpg (677686 bytes)

The drain across the street shows how our side looked before the damage seen above.
20160211_164618.jpg (854251 bytes)

The track across our driveway and and grass ten feet from the access road appears to be a pickup truck or other lighter vehicle that was parked in the yard.  I was not at home when all this happened.
20160211_164357.jpg (923595 bytes)

The access road steel cable was removed and the narrow path has been beaten down by the dump trucks going in and out from the end of the paved access road.  The large drainage ditch leading from the golf course to the Tillman Canal is at the left side of this photo.  A large concrete culvert is under my feet with grass and soil across it where I am standing to take this photo.
20160211_164453.jpg (863215 bytes)

The excavator is parked just up the dirt road as seen in this telephoto picture taken from the same spot as the photo above.
20160211_164730.jpg (546750 bytes)

Here is a Google Earth view of the old golf course and the authorized access areas from Riviera Drive shown in yellow with our access road from Meadowbrook Road marked in RED.
Contstuction_Access.jpg (947237 bytes)

February 17, 2016:  The work continues on the golf course north of the house.  I had seen the motorized shovel working with a dump truck and another vehicle out back seen in the telephoto image below after lunch toward the center of the golf course.  The photo was taken looking from the abandoned putting green behind our home.
DSCW1538.JPG (552514 bytes)

They were gathering topsoil samples from two areas near the edge of the golf course property adjacent to the putting green.  This photo shows a flat area behind the house next door on our west side.  I am standing at the west edge of the elevated putting green looking down at the sample area.
DSCW1539.JPG (570533 bytes)

The second smaller area was scraped just north of the photo above and still on the west side of the putting green.
DSCW1540.JPG (506052 bytes)

The last photo of the day shows the destroyed storm sewer location by the access road at 1351 Meadowbrook Road NE.  The rain storm last light washed a large number of leaves down the street to this point, plugging the normal storm sewer opening. It was crushed by a dump truck on February 11 as seen at the top of this web page.  I told some city workers I met over on Riviera Drive the other day about this damage.
DSCW1541.JPG (565396 bytes)