The Golf Course Drainage Repair PAGE 27.

February 22, 2016: The damage to the storm sewer from the previous page is being repaired today.  A manager for the dump truck company hired the concrete repair company to do the work on the drain.  I did notice how much additional damage was done to the sidewalk on the east side of the old access road.  The lighter colored cracks are new, the older ones not so bright.  This was a smooth sidewalk a few years ago.
DSCW1543.JPG (513818 bytes)

A few pot holes have also appeared in the middle of this road which once went to the old golf club maintenance shack.  The white pickup truck belongs to the manager.
DSCW1542.JPG (590221 bytes)

Here is a view of the crew working for restoration.  The diamond tipped saw blade made it easy to remove the broken concrete and the rebar to give a clean start to the new sections needed.
DSCW1544.JPG (547552 bytes)

You can see a jack hammer was also part of the demolition tools used before creating the new wooden forms to pour new concrete.
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DSCW1546.JPG (556080 bytes)

The company doing the repairs has an office in Orlando and another here in Brevard County.
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At the end of the day, the rebar and concrete are in place and the curing begins.  Our recycle bin has been pressed into service to help support the yellow "crime scene" tape.  (That's a joke...)
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