Replacing the Front Windows PAGE 25.

August 22, 2015: The original single-pane windows from 1972 are being replaced with new dual-pane, vinyl-frame windows.  Here is the last photo of the old windows after I had cleaned out the bottom track for the accordion shutters.

The two men working for Sea Breeze arrived at 8:45 AM on Saturday morning, August 22, 2015.  Removing the old windows was fast work with the recycle bin ready to take on the some of the old window parts.

Getting this far without removing the accordian shutters amazed me.

The bottom track from the accordion shutters was removed, and now all the old caulk and other mortar left over from the original windows is being removed to make way for the new vinyl window frames.

The view from the inside as the final preparations are made for the new windows to be installed.

The first new window frame with the lower window removed, is now being test fitted to the window opening.

The valance from the vertical blinds and the track that supports them needs to be removed inside the window opening.  The track was snapped into some clips that are now being removed, and with them, the valance will come down.

A test fit of one the new window frames showed the difference in how the old windows were installed between the upper and lower precast concrete lentils where the windows are secured top and bottom.  The pencil line shows the thickness of the new frame.  The old window frames were attached to that half-inch wooden strip that is secured to the precast concrete lentil.  The dry wall was removed first, then it was discovered the wood above was too thick, and that needed to be replaced with 3/8-inch wood as you will see in later photos.

The west end of the window opening needed part of the dry wall removed before the new windows will fit.

This is the bottom of one of the two vertical molls that go between the window frames.

The high-strength aluminum alloy plate that is secured to the upper concrete lintel has an extruded channel as part of its shape.  That channel is inside the extruded high-strength rectangle that is the moll between the window frames.

The second large screw is secured at the bottom only after a fit to the window frame confirms the proper alignment of the moll.

This view of the plate at the top of the second moll shows how it is secured to the concrete lintel.  The 3/8-inch plywood filler is also secured to the lintel to fill the space above the new window frames.

This is the base of second moll showing the size of the heavy 1/4-inch thick screws that are secured to the concrete lintels at the top and bottom.

Here is a view showing the top of the first moll with the window frame in place that is closest to the front door.

This is a closer view of the same moll seen in the photo above.

Here is a second photo showing the cleaned up end of the west side of the window opening.  It is now ready to accept the window frame farthest from the front door.  The wood strip has been replaced and the concrete blocks cleaned for a good fit.

A view from the outside shows all three window frames secured in place.   You can see the mounting holes where the upper track was removed for the accordion shutters.  They had to be fully removed to allow installation of the new window frames.

The fan in the living room was there to blow away some of the dust coming from the holes that were drilled into the upper concrete lintel during installation of the window frames.

The drain holes from the window frame are clearly visible here on the window closest to the front door.  The oblong holes get an insert with a "trap door" that allows water to get out, and closes to keep bugs out of the window frame.   The lintel gets cleaned next to allow the caulk to be installed before the shutters go back in place outside the windows.

The upper track and accordion sections are now back in place with the bottom track yet to be installed.

The last section of the accordion has to be secured to the concrete block wall at both ends of the window opening.  A long extension for the drill is needed with the screws taped into the socket for this maneuver.

Finally, everything is in its proper place, including the city building permit in a plastic bag between the screen and the new windows.  The time is now 2:47 PM and the guys are leaving the site clean as it was when they began earlier this morning.