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January 12, 2008:  Saturday and PAINT day for the airplane.  Primer covers the airplane and it is almost ready to accept the coat of YELLOW paint that will be the basic color of the entire airplane.  The tail is elevated to make it easier to paint the underside of the fuselage and the horizontal stabilizers.
DSCS0451.JPG (160290 bytes)

The yellow urethane paint is being mixed back in the shop.  I will have to come back tomorrow or on Monday evening to get a photo of the painted airplane.  That is all for today.
DSCS0455.JPG (160053 bytes)

January 13, 2008:  I stopped by and found Wendell working on his airplane.  He had removed all the paper and tape after the yellow paint had cured overnight.  The painter said he wanted to remove the tape and paper from the windsheild to be sure there is no flaking of the paint at the edges.
DSCS0456.JPG (131424 bytes)

Here is a wider view of the airplane in its new color.
DSCS0457.JPG (184092 bytes)

The tail section is looking GOOD!  The rudder will be getting a "Checker Board" blue pattern added to it, so it will be painted while it is still OFF the airplane.  The elevators are ready to be installed again.
DSCS0460.JPG (151777 bytes)

Behind the spinner backplate, the safety wire is plainly visible on the six propeller bolts to the crankshaft mounting plate and ring gear assembly.
DSCS0461.JPG (194215 bytes)

The front plate on the propeller hub is also safety wired.
DSCS0462.JPG (125382 bytes)

I had gotten into my car and was pulling away when I noticed the color of the air filters on the hangar door - - YELLOW!  It appears that the exhaust system put in for the temporary paint booth did its job.  That is why I could find no yellow paint on the plastic that covered my airplane.
DSCS0463.JPG (154715 bytes)

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