Scott Solberg and his Super RV-7

March 25, 2005:  I took the day off from my project to go see another RV builder in the NE Atlanta Metro area about 125 miles away from the Chattanooga area.  Scott is an A&P currently working for Delta Airlines and doing his thing with this RV-7 muscle plane with a 260 HP, Lycoming IO-540 on the front of a beefed-up RV-7 airframe.  Much of this airplane is customized, especially in front of the firewall.  The engine has inverted oil and a custom mount of course.   There is a smoke system for doing aerobatics with a flair!  Think of this as a Harmon Rocket with side-by-side seating instead of tandem seating.

Since Scott has his own web site, I won't try to get into the details here, just what I came to see: the interior by Flightline Interiors.

And of course, the panel...

March 3, 2010: The web site I referred to above is defunct now that the airplane is long since completed and flying.  Scott is living in the San Antonio area and still flying his Super 7.  One of the details I saw that day in 2005 was a pair of large Concord batteries in the back on either side of the elevator bellcrank just aft of the baggage wall.  Their added weight offset the heavier engine and constant speed propeller up front to maintain the center of gravity in the correct range for the wing.

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