Below are some images from the Van's Aircraft Website showing two RV-9A aircraft.
flyingRV-9A.jpg (64698 bytes) rv9a-1.jpg (25116 bytes)
This is one of Van's two demonstrator RV-9 aircraft.  It has a sliding canopy, which is what I intend to build.  The canopy can be opened when taxiing on the ground.  The roll bar is in front of the seats.
RV9A_7-6-00a.jpg (175266 bytes)
Here is a 35mm scanned picture I took at Oshkosh 2002 of a brand new RV-9A built and flown by William Duffy from Cincinnati.  He built the "tip-up" canopy version, which has a panoramic view forward with the roll bar behind the seats. 
N945D.jpg (121082 bytes)
The three pix below came from the web.
n945d1.jpg (67106 bytes)
n945d2.jpg (68201 bytes)
n945d3.jpg (72658 bytes)

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