The FOURTH of JULY 2018 PAGE 440.

July 4, 2018:  The year is half gone already!  The wet season here in Florida, along with the heat and humidity make indoor living the choice right now.  I am taking the old Caddy to Pep Boys today to get a cooling problem fixed.  I expect a radiator flush along with checking out the cooling fan relays, etc.  I was glad to hear they are open today.

I pick up a rental car this week for a two-week business road trip with multiple customer stops along the way.  I hope to see my son and his family in York, PA before the return trip to Florida.  My grand daughters are growing quickly now.  If I see some interesting things along the way, I will take some photos to post here as I have in the past years this web site has been operational.

After publishing the two paragraphs above, I went outside to take a few photos around the house.  The first one shows a gas grille on the patio behind the Florida Room of the house where I live here in Florida.  We had some heavy rain here last week and some of it came into the low side of the Florida room tile floor.  I realized I needed to clear all the fallen leaves from the patio area.

This walkway made with paver stones was covered with leaves that I raked up and blew away the small ones I could not rake up and put into my yard waste cans.  The rain water that falls on the patio flows toward my camera location when the leaves are not here any more.

This view shows the gutter down spout from the roof of the Florida Room, and the place where the water from the patio flows onto the sandy soil.  Some of the water soaks into the ground and the rest flows toward the lower area where I stood to take this photo.

The last photo shows how much green grass sod has been placed over the tree stump beside the master bedroom on the WEST side of the house.  I need to put some additional sod in the thin natural grass area.  The story about the removal of the tree begins on THIS WEB PAGE.

July 6, 2018:  I picked up an AVIS rental car on this Friday and got it ready for a two week road trip.  That involves putting my GPS antenna on the car, and plugging in my triple outlet 12-volt adapter from one of the two power outlets in the car.  The Subaru Impreza is a mid-sized car by my standards.  It had about 1-inch of clearance in the trunk to put in my folding cart with wheels I use to transport my fiber optic demo equipment I need for some customer presentations.

July 7, 2018:  (Saturday)  I drove up to my sister's new house near Lawrenceville, Georgia.  I spent the evening with her and caught up on my online computer work the next day with her 100 megabyte fiber optic service from AT&T.  She still has Direct TV but it comes via fiber data link, no satellite dish on the house which suffers from rain fade attenuation.

July 8, 2018:  (Sunday) Since it is her NEW house, I have taken photos of it and here they are beginning with the front view (South Side).  This is day two on the road with the Subaru Impreza as my rental car from Avis.

East side view.

West side view.  The first three of four windows on this side of the house are part of the dining room / office area to be seen from the inside further down this web page.

The family room area with sofa, love seat, television, etc.  A "sitting room" is at the right side of this photo with the wooded deck outside that window.

Here is the kitchen with a view of the breakfast nook.

The kitchen is seen here from my camera location in the family room part of this "Great Room" area.  The pantry is in the hallway to the two-car garage that is seen at the right side of this photo.

This area is on the north side of the house with a wooden deck outside with patio furniture.  The breakfast nook is to the RIGHT side of this photo

This image looks across the breakfast nook at the kitchen area.

This view across the great room shows the stairs to the second floor.  The front door is visible through the archway.

This is the dining room / office area as seen from near the stairs.  The master bedroom is to the right from this room.  The guest room is near the front door to the left from here.

My sister is standing in the master bedroom, with double doors to the master bath area with a tub and separate shower area.  I did not take a photo of the large walk-in closet area accessed from the master bath area.

Here is the guest room on the front of the house as seen from the doorway that is the first room inside the front door.

The Guest Bath has a separate shower and toilet area from the vanity and mirror seen here.

I brought along my Sony Walkman to play some cassette tapes, but quickly discovered it has old age problems. I opened it up to find the drive belt was stretched and not moving anything inside the tape player.  Before I put away my computer, I searched for a portable stereo cassette player and found them at Target for less than $20.  The GPS ground track shows my departure from my sister's home at 2:38 PM.  I got to Target in Lawrenceville, Georgia twenty minutes later.  I left Target after testing the replacement tape player connected to the radio via the car audio input port.  The GPS shows me pulling out of the parking lot at 3:28 PM heading to north Georgia going across country avoiding the interstate highways that can be jammed up in the Atlanta area.

I stopped in Chatsworth, Georgia at 5:40 PM to visit a long-time friend from my home town, Dalton, Georgia.  We had dinner at a local mom & pop restaurant.  It was 10:13 PM when I headed out for a motel in East Ridge, Tennessee just north of the Georgia state line where I lived when I was building my airplane.  It was 10:52 PM when I parked the car in front of the motel for Sunday night.