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July 26, 2008:  Here is the map showing the route of flight for today.
Fly07262008.gif (107746 bytes)

If you looked at the map at the top, you may have noticed we had to deviate around some of the rain showers on our return to KLZU.  A light rain started as I finished filling the fuel tanks, and we took off to get away from the rain shower before it developed into heavier precipitation.  The weather back at Lawrenceville was very nice by comparison to what we saw earlier.  This time, I parked on the last ramp, just up from the EAA Chapter 690 hangar.  Marty had parked his car just to the right of the area shown here.
DSCT0190.JPG (175195 bytes)

Jamie Painter had pulled out his RV-7A for a quick fuel run to Jackson County Georgia.  He is heading for Oshkosh on Monday and wanted to be ready for a quick departure.  He has just recently completed his first annual conditional inspection.   He recognized my airplane when I pulled up and came out to greet us.  Jamie recently downloaded my Oshkosh 2006 arrival videos and uses them as a training aid for Oshkosh first time pilots so they get the idea of how the Ripon-Fiske VFR arrival procedure works.
DSCT0191.JPG (173473 bytes)

Here is the instrument panel in his airplane.  He liked having two small Dynon units for flight and engine monitoring.  It allows him to change the panel easily in the future if desired.  The primary GPS is the Garmin 496 with weather.   The Garmin SL-40 basket is wired to accept an upgrade to the SL-30 with data connections to the Dynon D-10A.
DSCT0192.JPG (171409 bytes)

The ride back to Chattanooga was more of the same, dodging rain showers which were off my route of flight and not really a big issue.
DSCT0193.JPG (66122 bytes)

Here is a look at Lake Lanier northeast of Atlanta.  The lake has still not recovered from the long drought that has plagued this area.
DSCT0194.JPG (69506 bytes)

The last rain showers along my route home were located near Calhoun, Georgia.   The weather at home was clear for an easy approach and landing.
DSCT0195.JPG (62093 bytes)

July 27, 2008:  Here is my parting shot for this Sunday evening from the Philadelphia area.  I published all the photos from the Saturday flights while I was between flights at the Charlotte Airport.  I had no sooner finished the web update when my flight to Philly was announced.  I got up at 4:30 AM this morning, and it is now after 9:30 PM.  I have just about run out of gas for this day.  Tomorrow morning I have my meeting here, then will head for the airport tomorrow afternoon for the trip back home by bedtime Monday night.

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