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June 2, 2007:  It is that time again.  I have until June 7th to complete my annual inspection of N2PZ.  I am doing dual duty today working on my airplane, and giving Wendell more guidance on his RV-8 project.   Here is the view of the RIGHT wheel going back on the airplane.  I was a bit greasy during the procedure and did not take any photos during the process.  I still have the LEFT wheel to work on tomorrow.
DSCS0087.JPG (621794 bytes)

The steps taken on the wheel today were:
1.  Remove the front and rear wheel pant fiberglass fairings.
2.  Jack up the RIGHT wing at the wing tie down bolt.
3.  Remove the brake pad from the caliper assembly.
4.  Remove the wheel nut and wheel from the axle.
5.  Deflate the tire and remove the three bolts holding the wheel hub together.
6.  Deflate the inner tube enough to remove it from the tire.
7.  Turn the tire over and reinstall the inner tube.
8.  Clean and repack the inner and outer Timken wheel bearings with axle grease.
9.  Bolt the wheel hub halves together and secure the valve stem nut and washer to the hub halves.
10.  Inflate the tire to 30 PSI and install the wheel assembly on the axle.
11.  Insert the large cotter pin in the axle nut and reinstall the brake pad to the caliper assembly.
12.  Lower the airplane onto the wheel and relocate the jack and steel support stand to the LEFT wing.

DSCS0088.JPG (679819 bytes)

Tomorrow I get to do the same thing to the RIGHT wheel assembly, then put all the safety wire back on the brake caliper bolts and the axle nut to the aft wheel fairings.  Wendell was advising me today on the best way to clean and lubricate wheel bearings.  I was amazed that after I had cleaned away all the dirt, the felt washers on each side of the wheel bearings were in such great shape!  It must be all the time I spend in the air compared to the amount of time I am in ground operations.

June 3, 2007:  My Sunday afternoon work session was about cleaning and repacking the wheel bearings on the LEFT main landing gear.  The bearing and the parts on the left have been cleaned.   The group on the right just came out of the wheel assembly.  After I get those parts cleaned, I will pack both bearing with new axle grease.
DSCS0089.JPG (624666 bytes)

After the wheel was put back on the axle and the wing jack removed, it was time to move on to the inspection of the wing root attachments, fuel lines, and electrical connections.  Everything inside the left wing root fairing was just like I left it last year:  No leaks, no shorts, no loose bolts.
DSCS0090.JPG (628328 bytes)

The electrical connections for the lights and wing-mounted aileron servo are just fine.
DSCS0091.JPG (648610 bytes)

The left wing rear spar and doublers are still properly secured to the fuselage.  I cleaned the overlap area of the wing root before putting the wing root fairing back in position.
DSCS0092.JPG (720632 bytes)

The RIGHT wing fuel sensor wiring, fuel line, and fuel vent line are all still secured as I left them last year.  I have not had any intermittent fuel tank sensor readings since the repair to the BNC connector I made last year.
DSCS0093.JPG (417773 bytes)

The right wing rear spar is also secured properly with no signs of movement.
DSCS0094.JPG (513454 bytes)

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