Local Flights Near Chattanooga and Dalton, Georgia PAGE 234. 

December 17, 2006:  Here are more video snapshots from a short flight on this Sunday afternoon.   There is no doubt about this being a country airport when you see the barn adjacent to the runway.   Sometimes there are cows grazing in the field beyond the fence line.
DVC00150.JPG (134676 bytes)

The wind sock again marks the progress down the runway toward the ramp at the hangar.
DVC00153.JPG (129314 bytes)

This is the view pulling up on the ramp in front of the hangar.
DVC00154.JPG (121853 bytes)

This is a shot taken from the video camera as Wendell flies over the power wires on approach in his 1946 Aeronca Champ.
DVC00155.JPG (116691 bytes)

I pivoted the video camera as he flew past my position on the hangar ramp.
DVC00156.JPG (119231 bytes)

After Wendell landed, I taxied my airplane in a tight turn on the ramp in front of the hangar.  One old fabric fuselage side from the Champ hangs on the wall behind Wendell's Cessna 182. 
DVC00157.JPG (126211 bytes)

December 21, 2006: I finally downloaded the GPS ground track from last Sunday's test flight.  It shows my downwind pass over the field after takeoff followed by a round trip to Dalton to check the autopilot above 5,500 MSL in smooth air.
Fly2006Dec17.gif (41283 bytes)

Here is the GPS ground track view of the take off to the south, downwind pass to the north, and landing to the south at Folks Field.
Fly2006Dec17A.gif (29249 bytes)

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