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Novermber 26, 2006:  This Sunday was a time to get airborne again for just the fun of it, and to get some AVGAS in the tanks at Collegedale.  I also loaded up the video camera to try out my hi-fi sound system with the digital camcorder.  The tape player sound quality went on to the video tape sound tracks with great results!  Of course I could not confirm that until I got home Sunday evening.  I took a couple of snapshots with my old digital camera during the day, and also grabbed some video frames to post on this page.  Here is the "Enterprise" on the ramp before departure at 3 PM Eastern Time.
DSCR0195.JPG (322076 bytes)

Here is the first of the video frame snapshots showing a nearby private airfield where my airplane was painted.  I had to select a frame without my propeller blade visible.  The shutter speed on the video camera is very fast, providing a view of the propeller blades when shooting through the prop arc looking forward.
DVC00123.JPG (118665 bytes)

The "Choo Choo" VOR is just off the left side of my usual flight path going from Folks Field to Collegedale.  That round bare spot on the hill has the white VOR antenna cone and the TACAN antennas in the center.
DVC00124.JPG (115078 bytes)

Here is the view of the Collegedale airport from four miles south of the field.
DVC00125.JPG (117079 bytes)

When flying the downwind leg for runway 21, the view of the runway is blocked by trees on the ridge just East of the field.
DVC00126.JPG (131877 bytes)

Here is the final approach view from the video camera.  The sun is almost in the field of view and wiping out the shot.  I would later see what happens when the video camera is pointed toward the sun.  The video stops when that happens.   The camera puts out snowy gray pictures when that happens.  You can see part of one propeller blade at the right edge of this photo.
DVC00128.JPG (120302 bytes)

Here is my trusty steed parked on the ramp at Collegedale, full of gas, and ready for departure.  During the fuel stop, I talked with several people who were not aware of Van's Aircraft kit airplanes.
DSCR0196.JPG (331751 bytes)

Back to video snapshots, here is a shot during takeoff roll on 21.  The compass rose is at the north end of the runway.  I taxiied across it several times in different directions to check the calibration of my wet compass.
DVC00129.JPG (124955 bytes)

I stayed low over the runway to build up speed when reaching the other end of the runway.
DVC00130.JPG (123416 bytes)

Below is a section of the US 41 highway entering Ringgold, GA from the north side of town.
DVC00131.JPG (134163 bytes)

South of the town is the cut in the ridge where Interstate 75 passes Ringgold.   The mountains in the distance are on the other side of the valley where my home town is located (Dalton, Georgia).
DVC00122.JPG (127241 bytes)

During this flight, I managed to get this screen shot of my Dynon D10-A with the new HSI page displayed.  The flight home was heading into the sun at this time of the day.  It made it very difficult to see without pulling the hat brim way down low and listening to Chattanooga approach for other aircraft advisories.  I did notice a flight of four birds off my right wing at one time during this leg of the flight.  I hate it down low, birds, bumpy, and running the mixture richer than during my long-cross country trips above 10,500 MSL.
DSCR0197.JPG (357098 bytes)

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