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July 30, 2006:  Here are MORE "video snapshots" from the video tape recordings I made during the trip to AirVenture 2006 at Oshkosh.  There are things here that I did not have time to capture using the digital still camera.  The resolution is low at 640 x 480 pixels.  All photos on this page were taken on Sunday, July 23rd.

I made the first turnoff from the runway to the left.  This was the last video frame before I put my HBC sign in the window and covered the front of the video camera briefly.  The guy ahead flagged me for a right turn on a temporary grass taxiway going north and parallel to runway 36L.  I probably left the HBC sign in front of the video camera no more than 20 seconds, but that was long enough to make the turn off the pavement and onto the grass you will see in the next photo below this one.   The large letters HBC on my sign tell the flagman that my destination is in the Home-Built Camping area located just west of the north end of runway 36.
DVC00083.JPG (116576 bytes)

All those tracks in the grass gives testament to how many other airplanes have used this temporary taxiway.  There are orange plastic cones marking the sides of the grass taxiway.
DVC00084.JPG (125067 bytes)

Here is the second intersection left of the runway.  This is where I got off the runway last year and began my taxi to the camping area.  A flagman stands at every intersection.  My HBC sign is on the left side of the dash and the video camera to face the flagman.  There is very old pavement on the other side of this intersection.  A big yellow "X" is painted over there to indicate the taxiway is closed normally, but not during AirVenture.
DVC00085.JPG (128962 bytes)

The next intersection from the main runway is also marked with a yellow "X", but here we are since this is AirVenture week.  The dark shading in the upper left corner of this photo is caused by my HBC sign sagging into the video camera's field of view.  In this shot, the flagman is waving the old Cessna tail-dragger across my route.  I picked this frame because it shows the flash of the wingtip strobe light on the Cessna.
DVC00087.JPG (116681 bytes)

The flagman is turning to give me the crossed wands to hold short until the Cessna clears the intersection.
DVC00086.JPG (115088 bytes)

The flagman at the north end of the taxiway gives me the signal to turn toward my final destination in the home-built camping area.  Note the big yellow "X" at this end of the AirVenture taxiway.
DVC00089.JPG (119350 bytes)

There is just one more flagman between me and my escort vehicle to the rear area where home-built camping is located.  He is standing at the intersection to the taxiway used for southbound aircraft in front of the flight line.
DVC00090.JPG (122814 bytes)

A six-wheeled John Deere off-road vehicle is my escort along this westbound taxiway.  His job is to be sure I don't hit any pedestrians or vehicles at the crossings ahead.  You can see several folks crossing the taxiway in this photo.
DVC00091.JPG (123121 bytes)

My escort is holding up one of his orange wands for me as he and his driver move along the edge of the taxiway.  That next intersection ahead is for vehicles and pedestrians crossing this E-W taxiway.
DVC00092.JPG (131127 bytes)

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