"ENTERPRISE" to Oshkosh/AirVenture 2005 - Page 153.

July 27, 2005:  Here is a photo of the camping area, row 309 behind my space in row 310.  David Edgemon and the other planes parked here since Sunday have departed this morning and two more RV-9A airplanes have parked in some of the spaces since I took this photo.
DSCM0237.JPG (329299 bytes)

Since I was sitting here in the tent updating this web page, I asked a visiting RV-7 builder to take my picture as I was working in the tent.  The RED CUP has cool water inside as it always does.  I will be heading out to get some fresh ice water with lunch when I get this editing completed.  I should get a chance to upload all this content, and the stuff from yesterday if all goes well.  If I get the night photos I want from AeroShell Square, I will try to post those before I leave tomorrow morning.
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This RV-7A is parked right behind my airplane on row 309 and was judged this morning.  It had this custom-built baffle and plenum cooling system instead of the conventional method used in most airplanes.
DSCM0234.JPG (338727 bytes)

DSCM0235.JPG (331737 bytes)
DSCM0236.JPG (342740 bytes)
The big red scat tube goes from the plenum down to the oil cooler.

I will try to get everything uploaded to the web before I leave KOSH.  

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