"ENTERPRISE" is FREE to Roam the Country - Page 150.

July 23, 2005:  I got to the paint shop at 9 AM and found Bill cleaning up after last night's session and some additional touch up he did this morning.  I cleaned the overspray dust from the canopy and put back my seat belts and my seat back.  Here is the "Enterprise" posing for the first class photo.
DSCM0209.JPG (331638 bytes)

Since the tail art is different on each side, a second photo is needed.
DSCM0208.JPG (330984 bytes)

Bill followed me over to my home field three miles away so that I could drop off my car, then brought me back to the paint shop.  By the time the invoice was paid and my aircraft log book was brought up to date, it was 12 noon.  I cranked up the engine and taxied to the south end of the field.  The picture above this text is looking toward the north end of the field at Wilson (GA03).  I took off with half flaps and climbed out quickly.  I pulled up the flaps and did a downwind fly-by before heading west three miles to my home field at Wendell Folks private grass strip.  

Back at the hangar, I took a short break, then started the timer on what would be 7.7 hours of work on the airplane getting it ready to fly to Oshkosh tomorrow.  I put back the last cover on the flap actuator/flap linkage connection on the left side of the fuselage in the baggage compartment, then started on the interior components.   When I got to this panel, it was time to finish up the wiring to the map lights before I could continue.
DSCM0210.JPG (325523 bytes)

And here is the RIGHT side map light with the fabric partially stuck down with contact cement.  The black wire is new and will be routed to a nearby ground point soon.  I tested both eyeball map lights and they work as planned.  If you look at the bottom of the photo, you can see one pop-rivet in position and ready to pull.
DSCM0211.JPG (319000 bytes)

This is the view of the pilot side installation after the arm rest cushion and the document pocket is installed.  I still have more work to do over here, but time ran out.  I put in the carpet in the baggage area, and under the seats after I took this photo.  The wrinkled fabric below the eyeball light just under the padded armrest is a result of the heavy angle brace that supports my very strong arm rest modification.  I still have some trimming to do in some places.  I also put in the fabric and insulation on the back wall of the baggage compartment, but have not taken any photos of those areas.
DSCM0212.JPG (321005 bytes)

After the seat belts and shoulder harnesses were put in a second time today, I put in the seats for what should be a LONG TIME now.  I packed up all the 26 pounds of camping gear and some of my other items that were already at the hangar.  I am doing laundry as I write this, and getting ready to hit the shower, then to bed.  I don't have to get up too early, since I want some forecast weather to clear out before I stop for lunch and fuel at Greencastle, Indiana.  The work session today after I returned to my home field was 7.7 hours.  The home page project hours and the Hobb's Meter have been updated.

I am packing the interior items that still need to be installed and taking the necessary tools and parts to finish the interior work while I am camped at Oshkosh in Home Built Camping.  I will have more photos for you after tomorrow's trip to Wisconsin.   Stay tuned...

July 24, 2005:  I am up a bit later than usual this morning and getting ready for a big day with "Enterprise."  I posted my current project status on my favorite flight simulator forum, and today I got a response from a long-time internet acquaintance and moderator of the forum.  Here is my reply to him about the posting I made above on this page.


I am pleased that my graphic ideas have been rendered to a finished paint job by the skills of Bill and Jeff at a little paint shop in North Georgia. The price was right plus the "down home service" and extra effort on their part was honorable.

Bill and I shared many experiences growing up about 20 miles apart and in the same generation. The trivia games we played about movies and music while I was there assisting were a lot of fun! I did not know him until a few months ago when I began looking for a place to get my airplane painted. I feel I have made a new friend, not just a business contact.

Jerry K. Thorne
East Ridge, TN

I will be posting more photos and experiences from Oshkosh in the coming days for everyone who is following this web adventure.