N2PZ in the Paint Shop - Page 147.

July 15, 2005:  The overspray on the protective layers of tape and paper give hints to the gold and blue trim colors underneath each new layer.
DSCM0176.JPG (334205 bytes)

The trim stripes on this side are also hiding under the protective tape layers.
DSCM0177.JPG (329748 bytes)

The canopy skirt has all three colors on it.  A white stripe that is 3/4" wide is exposed just to the LEFT of the top of my cup.  The area below the protected plexiglass is gold as indicated by the overspray on the paper.  The blue overspray hints at the trim stripe that is about a foot above the cup.
DSCM0178.JPG (339416 bytes)

The last shot for today shows the cowl and the other fiberglass parts in process.  The shaded appearance is due to the white epoxy primer being covered with the blue trim stripe area.  The next steps are to tape over the desired blue area, then apply the gold color.  After that goes on, the GOLD will be taped over along the desired trim area, then the Pearl White will over spray the remaining exposed surface.   When all that is done, the protective tape and paper will be removed, then CLEAR COAT will go over all the exposed colors.  That is the same process that will occur on the airframe.  I will have more photos soon.
DSCM0179.JPG (342884 bytes)

July 18, 2005:  Monday, time for a visit to the paint shop.  Bill had told me he would be doing the clear coat today.  To do that, he has to take the tape and paper off all the paint.   Before he starts on the clear coat, I would have a chance to see the colors of the paint scheme.  So here is what I found when I was at the shop this morning.  I had the idea that the "triangle" on this side of the tail was too small.   Bill had the rudder off working on the "triangle and stars" on the other side.  He got the gold ring "in front of" the triangle and stars instead of the gold ring in the background.
DSCM0180.JPG (339730 bytes)

Since he was going to have to spray blue paint to correct his error on the other side of the stab and rudder, I asked him to tape up this side to get the triangle up to 24" high from base to apex.  Here is the taped up size of the new outline that will exist when he is finished.  I altered the design on the spot to avoid any more white or gold paint to be applied.  Bill and I both agreed the "balance" between the blue and gold in the triangle is better with the change.
DSCM0181.JPG (344486 bytes)

Jeff really did a good job of smoothing the fiberglass transition along the intersection of the windshield to the forward top skin.  Bill got the blue trim stripe top edge centered on the air vent as I wanted.  The top of the gold by the windshield aligns with the top of the gold on the side skirt of the sliding canopy.   It will look better when you see the canopy installed and closed.
DSCM0182.JPG (336048 bytes)

The wide shot on this side shows where Bill wet-sanded the gold OFF of the top of the blue triangle.  He has also taped over the stars on the rudder in preparation for spraying the blue on again to repair his earlier error.  When that is done, the clear coat gets put on the entire airplane.
DSCM0183.JPG (337057 bytes)

That's all for today and for this page from the paint shop. 

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