October 19, 2003:  I did not want to make page 26 too long to load for you dial-up users, so I thought I would continue with a few more pictures here on page 27.  Here is the F-795L gusset at the firewall and the left main longeron.  This is at one of the main hard points where one of the engine mount bolts will be attached to the firewall.
DSCG0115.JPG (343543 bytes)

Here is a view of the armrest and the F721B deck that is at the main entry location for the pilot seat.  I will have another priming session before I rivet these parts in place permanently.
DSCG0116.JPG (335063 bytes)

One last picture before turning out the lights on a Sunday night.  The view inside the aft section with everything clecoed in place.  After I finish match-drilling the skins to the skeleton, I can go on to finishing the interior details.   That tail cone became VERY rigid when the top skins were put in their proper places and clecoed down to the bulkheads, J-stringers, and the main longerons.  I continue to sing the praises of this kit design with every part fitting so perfectly.  Thank you again Van and team for a fine airplane!
DSCG0117.JPG (332667 bytes)

October 20, 2003:  My riveting partner stopped by on his way home from his "day job" and we managed to finish off the remaining side and bottom skin rivets, and some inside rivets as well.  You can see that all the rivets are in the outboard seat ribs to the side skins.  We rolled the fuselage up on its sides to do these rivets and the ones on the bottom skin for the aft wing bulkhead.  You can see the two black rubber grommets for the fuel line and vent line which will connect with the fuel tank in the wing.  The black bushing in the side near the large round hole is for electrical wiring.  I also have to put a hole near there for the pitot tube.
DSCG0118.JPG (346321 bytes)

No more empty rivet holes on the bottom side.  I will soon be able to install the main landing gear weldments and enlarge the hole you see and the one that is out of the picture to clear those steel weldments.
DSCG0119.JPG (324703 bytes)

Here is a part you last saw way back on page 19.  It is now riveted in its final resting place and ready to accept the plastic bushings for wiring and the elevator trim cable.  This is the F706 bulkhead which is also the back side of the baggage compartment.  I started to work on those panels today, and should be putting in the deck plates for the baggage compartment in my next session.  Remember that all three of these pictures for today are taken with the fuselage resting on the RIGHT side. 
DSCG0120.JPG (336857 bytes)

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