August 29, 2003:  I am back from my road trip and managed to get the aft fuselage section disassembled for dimpling, deburring, and clean up before priming.  I also had a chance to do a bit more on the mid-fuselage section of seat ribs, baggage ribs and the associated bulkheads.  The corner of the carpet-covered dimpling table is visible at the right side of this photo. 
DSCG0060.JPG (331699 bytes)

Here is a better look at the aft side skins.  Only one is completely dimpled as you can see with it leaning up against the wing.  The other side panel will get put on the dimpling table tomorrow and made ready for priming.
DSCG0061.JPG (331214 bytes)

August 31, 2003:  I put in only 2.1 hours to finish up some dimpling of skins and match-drilled the bottom skin to the ribs and bulkheads yesterday.  I needed to do some shopping, laundry, etc.  Today was a big day with 10.1 hours of work on the center section of the fuselage.  I clecoed the whole thing together to check the fit of all the panels, cutting the access holes for the steps and match drilling all the appropriate ribs, skins, panels, etc.
DSCG0063.JPG (338140 bytes)

DSCG0064.JPG (330295 bytes)
That closest bulkhead above is the same one you saw assembled with the aft section of the fuselage a few days ago.

Here is the left side access hole for the step.
DSCG0062.JPG (331274 bytes)

And here is the step on the right side of the fuselage stuck through the hole.   It is just hanging there since this is the last thing I did tonight before taking these photos.  The outside pipes are shaped like airfoils to minimize drag.
DSCG0065.JPG (336676 bytes)

Below is a second photo showing the step pipe that comes into the fuselage under the baggage floor.  There are special mounting parts for this area yet to be assembled.  No fancy airfoils in here, just a round pipe.  That rib below the pipe had to have two notches cut in its flanges to clear the pipe. 
DSCG0066.JPG (329561 bytes)

Total time working on the airplane now stands at 648.1 hours shop time.  With the extra 58.7 hours of prep work, inventory, etc. -- 706.8 hours.  That does not include any shopping for tools or keeping up these web pages, log book, etc.