March 8, 2003:  Notice the smaller number of clecos in this photo.  I was able to do all those rivets behind the wing tank area by myself.  Using a mechanic's creeper, I could lie on my back and work all the rivets on the aft section of both top skins - also by myself.  The J-stringers are clecoed in place and ready to rivet.  I will need some help to finish the rib rivets behind the leading edge of the airfoil near the wing tip.
DSCF0118.jpg (324729 bytes)

And here is what it is all about.  Here is the "proof of the pudding" as they say.  This is the measurement of the wing near the root - about 1/32" under 4 inches.  Now compare this measurement with the photo at bottom of the page.
DSCF0119.jpg (350306 bytes)

And here is the same measurement at the wing tip end of the LEFT wing.   This end measures just under 3 and 15/16" - less than 1/8" twist from end to end.  I will be watching this measurement closely when ALL the rivets are in place.
DSCF0120.jpg (345425 bytes)

March 9, 2003:  All the rivets are now in place except for the two at the corners where the clecos are holding the plumb bob strings.  The wing twist remains just under 1/8" from end to end.  That is acceptable according to Van's manual.  The wing will stay on the jig until the LEFT fuel tank is finished.  I have to get settled into my new job first.  I will be on the road in the week ahead, so no updates to this web site until next weekend.
DSCF0121.jpg (314770 bytes)

And here is a photo that is not in the shop setup page - this time it shows the band saw that has come in handy on several occasions.
DSCF0122.JPG (323027 bytes)

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