Pennsylvania Visit September 30 / October 1, 2016

September 30, 2016:  I got to York around 6 PM and was treated to a home-cooked meal after a week on the road.  We had time to share what's new on Friday evening and I did not take any photos at that time.  Saturday evening was when I took some photos to keep up with the growth of my grand daughters each time I get to visit them.  Katie reads often and is doing good in school work.  She is very detailed in her work and studies.

Megan is still mugging for the camera and is showing her molars that are coming in to complement her permanent front teeth.  She assumes this pose anytime she notices a camera pointing her way.

I used my cell phone to snap a few images after dinner as dessert was served.

Megan looks like she is a model posing for a yogurt advertisement.

Katie does not pose, and prefers to NOT have her picture taken.

Katie does have a wonderful profile.

We played Scrabble after dinner with all of us around the table in the dining room.  I had tried to take a photo of the girls and Megan posed as always.  I went out of sight and Katie decided to pick on her younger sister.  I positioned the camera close to the door frame and snapped this shot without Megan seeing I was about to take a photo.  The expressions on their faces tell the story of self-assurance versus emotional response.  Could Megan grow up to become an actress?  The Scrabble game lasted over an hour and I was lucky enough to build onto another word and get a triple word score on the existing word and the one I played.  It was the winning play.  I was lucky.

Mom Christine measures medicine for Megan after the Scrabble match is over.  Her day job is running a hospital pharmacy where attention to detail is very important.  That girl cannot resist posing for the camera.

The kitchen is the center of family activity and the interactions here assure me all is well in this family.  Katie has pulled out her chess set and Dad Jason gets to be the first victim.  

Did you notice my well-traveled RED CUP?

The concentration here is on the chess game, while Megan gets a hug from mom and smiles for my camera even though my focus in on the players.

Megan cannot keep from smiling for the camera.

It is getting serious here.

Each of them is considering the moves to come and a strategy that evolves with each move and countering move.

Katie has her knight out front with one rook protecting the pawn which could come in handy later in the game.  I played Katie after Jason lost.  I also went down to defeat later.

Megan and mom have found something of interest on her smart phone.

October 2, 2016:  The girls were doing some homework the next morning as I visited each one to take a couple of photos before resuming my travels toward Pittsburgh. I got Megan to pose with a more regal expression.

There is no way suppress the BIG smiles in this young lady of 10.  She could have a mouth full of teeth before I see her again.

Katie allowed me to take her photo as she continued with her school work.  I pushed the camera shutter button before the flash was ready.

I made sure the flash was ready for the next photo.

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