OSHKOSH 2010 -- Sunday at AirVenture PAGE 13.

July 25, 2010: Since both Edward and I were taking photos, I processed some of his higher resolution photos to get these subjects.  Here is the Ford Tri-motor "Tin Goose" as it was approaching the turn off from runway 36 Left.
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The Douglas DC-7, four-engine airliner with the blue and white Eastern Airlines paint scheme stands out over at AeroShell square.
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Edward took this photo of the 1928 Fairchild FC-2W2 which is being prepared to swing the wings and be taken inside at the Federal Pavillion.
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We walked over to a position in the shade just in front of the Honda tent seen in an earlier photo.  This Piaggio was being towed up the street (not a taxiway) to an exhibit location.
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This airplane is the same type we saw at the Dubuque, Iowa Airport.  That card in the window is the parking permit with the vendor booth number.
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Do you think this thing can cruise at 405 knots?
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Edward took this photo of an aerobatic Sonex Sport Acro (SA).  Until I looked up the FAA registration on this airplane, I was not aware that Sonex is based here in Oshkosh.  If you want to look up the aircraft registration for any US-registered aircraft of any kind, use the following web link to the FAA web site.  http://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/NNum_Inquiry.aspx
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The construction is simple pop-rivets on this airplane.  The rudder is secured  to the rear spar of the vertical stabilizer with a piano hinge.  There is a "lipstick" video camera installed in the cap atop the vertical stabilizer.   These usually have a fish-eye lens to catch all the aerobatic maneuvers.
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We move from the light-weight Sonex above to this "take-no-prisoners" extreme aerobatic work horse made by MXR Technologies from Boynton Beach, Florida.   There is a 540-cubic inch engine up front and fully symmetrical air foil wings so it flies the same upright or not.  Those boards under the tail wheel and one of the main wheels are there to prevent the airplane from sinking into the soft ground from the recent rains.
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The Ford Tri-motor seen at the top of the page is waiting to get into the exhibit area as we walked past it.  This one is from Canada.
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