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March 24, 2008:  It has been a few years since I paid Rich a serious visit.  He took some time off from building his Harmon Rocket, but has been hard at work again and is getting very close to completing it as you can see on this page.  The big 6-cylinder engine definitely tells the tale of this beast nearing completion in his hangar.
DSCT0073.JPG (222305 bytes)

The panel sports a pair of Dynon large multi-function displays.  The radio stack has a Garmin panel-mounted GPS/NAV/COM for IFR operations.
DSCT0074.JPG (191800 bytes)

Rich loves airplanes with call signs that end with AZ.
DSCT0075.JPG (176413 bytes)

Here is the wide view of the airplane.
DSCT0076.JPG (201188 bytes)

And you can see Rich loves to have an RV flying all the time.  The current flyable airplane in the hangar is an RV-3B with a Mazda rotary engine.
DSCT0077.JPG (167553 bytes)

Let's compare the photo of the RV-3B above with this RV-3 Rich owned a few years ago.
DSCG0217.JPG (339749 bytes)

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