Custom Restored Aeronca Champ - - SOLD to California!

December 15, 2012:  The airplane that was featured on the cover of the September 1996 EAA Sport Aviation magazine is for sale.  This 1946 Aeronca Champ was fully-restored and some custom features were added in 1996. 
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The first long cross country trip after the restoration was to Lakeland, Florida for the Sun-N-Fun EAA fly-in where it was photographed by the EAA and featured on the cover of the magazine in September 1996.
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The Champ has always been hangared since the restoration in 1996.  Wendell has flown it to the Champ Fly-in in Ohio where the airplanes were built in the late 1940's.
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The wing artwork is more reminiscent of the Citabria.
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The panel is the same as it always was, just the basic instruments.  An aviation walkie-talkie and portable GPS goes along on the cross-country flights.   There is no electrical system on this classic airplane.  That makes DAY VFR the only way to fly.
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The upholstery is immaculate of course.  The wood trim is Cherry Wood, not to mention this Aeronca Champ is "Cherry" to boot (pun intended).
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I used a forced-flash on the camera to light up the front floor board and show the carpet.
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The nose bowl was replaced during the rebuild, along with all new windows.
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The business end of this classic is still working fine, and very clean running with 90 horsepower.
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The prop is nicely polished and it starts easily -- by hand of course.   You will never get caught with a dead battery since there isn't one.
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Here are the photo pages from the September 1996 article mounted for display.
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Wendell was wearing an AVEMCO insurance hat when the aerial photos were taken at Sun-N-Fun in 1996.  Avemco used one of those photos for this customer newsletter published in 1999.
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Delivery to the new owner was in Amarillo, Texas on May 9, 2013.
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