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August 23, 2013:  We signed the lease today on a new place to live near Melbourne, Florida.  The house has 2,076 square feet of space inside.  I took some photos outside and inside before heading back to the old place this evening.  Here are some short descriptions with each photo.

This outside view is from the southeast corner of the property.  The doublewide driveway is long enough to park SIX cars.  The landlord has his work trailer parked near the garage door.
DSCW0510.jpg (285786 bytes)

This is the view from the street looking straight at the front of the house that faces south.  The front door is hidden in this view with three windows and decorative shutters at the living room.  The three windows are protected by accordion storm shutters.
DSCW0511.jpg (290403 bytes)

The view of the west side of the house reveals a Florida Room with glass windows at the back of the house as an add-on when the house was originally built.   You can see more accordion shutters on the master bedroom windows between the two bushes.  The owner had the big oak trees trimmed to remove all large limbs that were OVER the top of the house.  That should help minimize damages in case of a direct hit from a hurricane in this area on the East Coast of Florida.  The entire street has a canopy of these large oak trees that run for about a mile.
DSCW0512.jpg (280324 bytes)

Inside the front door, the view to the left reveals the three windows seen in the view from the street of the front of the house.  Vertical blinds are used for privacy and to keep out bright sun light.  Beige carpet covers the floors.
DSCW0513.jpg (115130 bytes)

The other view from inside the front door shows the family room adjacent to the kitchen.  The double closet doors to the left cover the pantry shelves.  The door on the right goes into the double garage with a laundry area and plenty of room for work shop benches, etc.
DSCW0514.jpg (133167 bytes)

I stood in the corner of the living room to take this photo looking toward one side of the kitchen area and the "dining area" or card table location where the lights are hanging low.  Sliding glass doors here open to the Florida room which is NOT air-conditioned.  There are three sliding glass doors on the north side of the Florida room that can open to provide outside air to that room with screens to keep out flying insects.  There is an abandoned golf course out there beyond the back yard.
DSCW0515.jpg (115129 bytes)

There is plenty of space in the master bedroom.  The windows face west and sliding doors are to the right leading to the Florida Room.  To the left are the small walk-in closets and the bathroom area.  This photo is taken from the door adjacent to the dining area.
DSCW0516.jpg (122083 bytes)

I had to hide the camera flash from the large mirror in the bath area.   One of the two walk-in closets is to the left just past the light switch.  The school house light from the ceiling fan in the bedroom behind me is reflected in the large mirror also with the vertical blinds at the sliding doors to the Florida Room.
DSCW0517.jpg (112880 bytes)

This full-sized bath tub has no shower since there is a separate shower to the left with SIX shower heads that can be turned on as desired.  That large mirror from the previous photo is to my left as I take this photo looking west from the doorway to the toilet.
DSCW0518.jpg (90952 bytes)

This is a look at the Florida Room where my camera did not flash since there was light coming in from the outside.  This view is looking west with the sliding doors and screens on the right facing north.
DSCW0519.jpg (171460 bytes)

The view looking from the west end of the Florida Room shows the kitchen area windows and cabinets for serving guests.  The sliding doors to the right open to the dining area and living room on the front side of the house.  The single open door on the far wall opens to the family room between the kitchen and the bedrooms on the east side of the house.
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