LOCAL FLIGHTS - Collegedale, TN (3M3)

May 31, 2003: This is my doctor and aviation medical examiner and his son getting a flight to introduce the son to flying.

October 30, 2004:   David Schorr and Lisa Metts get an introductory flight in this Cessna 172P.   They had a chance to see the fall colors in the mountains just East of Lake Ocoee, TN.  We managed to get in some slow flight and power-on stalls.  They are new to EAA chapter 150 and have not yet started flight training.  They plan to build a Zenith CH-1 or Sonex, which remains to be settled.

And of course, I had my picture taken to document the day.

Fall colors in the mountains give a good view. (scanned 35mm image)