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April 5, 2009: I have been looking at the aeronautical charts near York, Pennsylvania, specifically at the the private airport called the "Lazy B Ranch Airport" for some time now.  It is located very close to my son's home on the north side of York, PA.  I have called the owner in the past when I thought I was going to fly my airplane up that way.  I had a chance to meet him and see his airport on Sunday, April 5, 2009.  The man on the left in the blue and white hat is Irvin Baughman, owner of the airport.  The man on the right in the blue jacket is Ed Lewis, a pilot who has recently moved to the York area.  He is considering bringing his airplane from Michigan to this airfield.  The man with his back to the camera is a non-pilot friend of Irvin who is building a small boat in the parking lot adjacent to the runway and tie-down areas.
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Here is another view of the boat showing just how close it is to the Cessna 172 in the tie-down area.
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This shot of the tie-down area near the west end of the property shows the boat under construction behind the Cessna 172 at the center of the photo.  My rental car is the maroon colored car next to the white van at the far left of the photo.  The airport light and cone in the photo mark the original threshold of the old grass strip before the concrete and asphalt runway was installed here.  The view here is looking north from the runway area.
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This view of the tie-down area is taken from a point near the new runway threshold.  The road at the west end of the airport is where you see the large utility pole with the cables going underground.  That leaves the end of the runway approach free of utility wires.  The threshold on the runway is still displaced to insure a low approach will clear any north/south moving vehicular traffic on the roadway beyond.  By now you may have noticed the concrete is poured in relatively small areas.  It seems that Irv did a lot of concrete finishing work in the years before he "retired" from his earlier careers.  He has a deal with the local ready mix concrete companies to come here when they have excess concrete to dump from their trucks.   Although I did not take a picture of the area, there are some concrete forms on the south side of the "ramp" at this end of the runway, just waiting for a truck to drive up and unload excess concrete.
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This is the view looking northeast from the west end of the asphalt runway 5.   The asphalt pavement provides a smooth surface over the "patchwork quilt" of concrete that is the base for the runway.
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This is the main building and early hangars as seen from the west end of the paved runway.  There are three one-bedroom apartments built over the early hangars.   The open hangar on the left side of the photo has Irvin's personal airplane inside, an Aeronca Champ.  I know what you are thinking, those don't look like typical hangar doors, and you are right.  The hangar door secrets get revealed in later photos.
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Here is another view of the apartments above the hangars as seen from the parking lot at the west end of the field.
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These two black Labrador Retrievers are keeping an eye on things at the Lazy B.
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Here is Irv's Champ in the hangar with one wheel on a block to elevate the wing tip above another airplane in the adjacent "hangar".  By now, you can see the center "hangar door" is actually an overhead garage door.  The rails for the overhead door are attached to the fold down side "doors" seen in this photo.  Irv has changed the design since these early "doors" were built.   You will see more of that in later photos.
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