Harold Campbell RV-8 Project

September 5, 2005:  I took these pictures of Harold and his RV-8 project when I stopped for fuel at Carthage, Texas (4F2) on the way home from Texas.
DSCN0072.JPG (334903 bytes)

He is getting near the end of the project as you can see in this photo showing his Lycoming IO-360-C1C6 200 HP engine already mounted to the fuselage.
DSCN0073.JPG (335613 bytes)

The panel has a way to go yet, but it will be minimal IFR to be sure he can always get down if he gets into any unexpected weather.
DSCN0074.JPG (336844 bytes)

This second view reveals the elevator trim knob on the panel and details of the fuel selector valve down at the bottom left corner of the photo.  You can also see part of the fuel return system for the fuel-injected engine.
DSCN0075.JPG (332565 bytes)

I was surprised to find the fuel vent line in FRONT of the tank attach bracket on the side of the fuselage.  He says it is per Van's plans.  I will have to check out that page when I get back home to help Wendell with his RV-8.
DSCN0076.JPG (328722 bytes)

The fuel-injected engine requires this fuel return system that I did not have to build for my carbureted engine.  This is what you see when the floor of the front baggage compartment is removed.
DSCN0077.JPG (315352 bytes)

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