May / June 2022 Vacation Day 9 PAGE 22.

May 31, 2022:  The US 191 bridge across he Colorado River is just north of the town of Moab.  This image is looking up stream East from the bridge.

Arches National Park gets my virtual attention before we come back to Utah scenic route 128 to run parallel to the Colorado River north from Moab.

The entry to the Arches National Park is not far from US 191, but it has a long entry road to keep traffic from backing up on to the highway.

The Visitor Center is just beyond the entry gate before the road starts climbing higher above the valley where the town of Moab and the Colorado River are located.

I got this image using Google Earth to show the road through the park.  I used the ground track from my GPS to add to this image below.

Delicate Arch is the one that has been featured on the UTAH license plates for some time now.  It is a strenuous up-hill walk for people who are not conditioned hikers.

Here is the link to the National Park service image of the Delicate Arch.  Note how small the people are compared to this arch. 

This is part of the image above to emphasize the size of the people to the arch.  Looking at this image makes me wonder why they named it "DELICATE ARCH."

Coming up from the entrance takes us past this rock formation called BALANCED ROCK.  This is one of a number of places where you can drive your vehicle up close.

Google Earth provided this image of North Window Arch.

Private individuals provided some of these images to Google Earth.

This group of formations is called PARK AVENUE.

This wider aerial view has the Colorado River and Utah state route 128 coming down from the upper right corner of the Google Earth image.  The BLUE lines are where Google Earth has driven their photo vehicles allowing close-up views along the path.