May / June 2022 Vacation Day 6 PAGE 16.

May 29, 2022:  This bridge across "Pump House Wash" is the first switchback turn to climb the mountain out of Oak Creek Valley.

The Arizona Department of Transportation has placed this sign on Route 89A at their measurement of 6,000 feet above sea level seen here after the first switchback and climbing upwards.

This image is above the 6,000 FT elevation level before approaching the SECOND switchback sharp turn to climb the mountain.

Here is the THIRD switchback above 6,000 feet elevation climbing the mountain.

Here is the FOURTH switchback turn above 6,000 feet elevation climbing the mountain.

The FIFTH turn is a wider 180-degree turn, not a hairpin turn.

This view is looking back at TURN FIVE from a point after TURN SIX as the highway heads toward the summit.

This is the final stretch to the top of the climb out of Oak Creek Valley and ravines.

This is the final gentle turn toward the top of the plateau and the access road to the Scenic View location.

Mile Marker 390 is just before reaching the summit and the side road to the Scenic View location.

This aerial view shows the final climb up to the plateau going north to Flagstaff, Arizona on Arizona Route 89A.

The Forest Service sign says "Coconino National Forest Oak Creek Viewpoint".  When we came here on Sunday, May 29, 2022 - THE GATE WAS LOCKED.

I used Google Earth to show The OAK CREEK VISTA viewpoint area is open from 8 AM to 4 PM local time.

Here is the entry to the parking area for the Scenic Overlook.  The rest rooms are close to the loop at the south end of the parking lot for handicap access.

The Scenic Overlook has plenty of parking, a drive through loop for handicap access, a row of Native American crafts people and walking access to the wall at the Overlook.

The image below was taken by Thomas Carlyle in October 2016 and is available from Google Earth.  The right side of this image shows AZ route 89A climbing up the mountain side.  This image is  free of any snow.

This view was captured by Tommie Horton in July 2016 and posted on Google Earth.

Back on Arizona route 89A going north again, there is a gentle climb to the road north of the Scenic View rest area.  The wildlife warning sign is for the next 10 miles.  The elevation here is 6,522 feet above sea level.  This image is probably from the first part of March 2021.  The remaining snow on the ground is surely from the colder temperature at this higher altitude.  Many of the images posted here north of Sedona had some snow remnants.  The color of the roadway surface is probably from AZ DOT SALT TRUCKS to keep the road clear of snow and ice.

The road is losing the extra lane as it reaches the top of the shallow climb before heading north and down from here.

The road is going down for a short distance ahead.  Google Earth indicates 6,530 feet elevation here.

The ground level is getting more constant for a while without too many dips and rises.

The elevation of Flagstaff is the detail of interest on this city limit sign.  The Google Earth value is different by 70 feet.

Turn right ahead to get over to I-17 Northbound.

Continue straight ahead through this traffic circle.

AZ 89A is traveling with I-17 north from this entry ramp at mile marker 337 for I-17.

Our motel for tonight is on the next I-40 Exit from this location where I-17 will end.  Exit 340A going East goes toward our motel for tonight.

We get off here at Butler Avenue.

Turn LEFT on Butler Avenue to go under I-40.

Turn right on to the street behind the Speedway Gas Station to get to the Ramada Inn.  I filled the fuel tank here to be ready to go tomorrow, May 30, 2022.

Here is our Flagstaff motel for tonight.  It has enough room for us with one queen bed and some grass in the dog-walk area for Chase.

We had a ground floor room on the south side of the building as seen below.  The trash can mounted to the post behind the pickup truck is the pet area since this motel is pet-friendly.