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July 24, 2019:  A few miles up north of our dinner stop, I noticed the GPS was acting up.  I pulled off the highway and recognized there was a problem with the antenna cable.  I was able to secure it to the body of my GPS 296  with some rubber bands.  I would later learn the flexing of the coaxial cable at the right-angle BNC connector was wearing through the braid of the coax cable.  I pulled onto the break down lane in front of a Texas Road House restaurant to secure the GPS cable.  We got back on the road in about six minutes at 8:04 PM Eastern Time.  The further north we go, the later it is to sunset.

This intersection at mile 170 with the north end of Interstate 43 is the unmarked north end of Interstate 41.  US 41 and US 141 continue north of here.

This is the first mile marker sign after US 41 and US 141 are joined north of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Here are the first big road signs that nobody can miss now that US 41 and US 141 are together.

We drove up US 41 north of Green Bay to our next route via US 141 going directly toward the town of Iron Mountain, Michigan.  The junction is 187 miles north of the Illinois - Wisconsin state line.

A sure sign of the end of a Limited Access Highway are these two warning signs on US 141 just north of the split from US 41.

Finally, the end of four-lane highway on US 141 is about 23 miles north of the US 41 split, just south of Beaver, Wisconsin.

This mileage sign is on the north side of Beaver, Wisconsin.  Iron Mountain, Michigan is our destination for tonight.

Here is the Michigan State Line sign just north of the bridge over the Menominee River on US 141.

Here is the first route change in Michigan where US 141 joins US 2 and heads west to the town of Iron Mountain.

The end of the road tonight is in Iron Mountain, Michigan.  It was after sunset when we arrived on a day that began near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our main event today was AirVenture 2019 at Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  We were parked in front of the door to the room hallway at 10:26 PM Eastern Time.  This part of the Michigan Upper Peninsula is in the central time zone.  The local time when we got here was 9:36 PM.  The Google Earth car drove past the motel well before sunset in October 2019 as seen at the bottom of this image.  Yes, I am compiling these pages well into the year 2020.

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