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July 26, 2019: This part of US 2 is a lot of open country again with the intersection of US 2 and Michigan route 77 as a highlight. It is only 22 miles East of Manistique, but there is just not that much to see out here.  Looking for the next passing lanes every 10 miles helps to pass the time.

The next passing lane after the Michigan 77 junction has a store on the north side of the highway selling Pure Maple Syrup, wild rice, fresh eggs, and upper peninsula honey and jams.  I get the idea some of the wood in the RED SHED is also for sale.  This section of US 2 runs 20 miles without a turn.

Gould City is a small community about half a mile south of US 2 from the intersection seen here.  That would be a right turn here at the flashing light since this view is looking EAST per the round compass in the upper right corner of this Google Earth image.  The letter N points north in the compass circle.

On the East side of the this intersection, I happened to look down at the shadow of the Google Earth camera car on the north side of the highway.  It appears to be a new style VW with the camera stalk secured to the top of the car just behind the windshield.  Again, the cameras that take all these photos are in that ball at the top of the stalk.  The next bend in the road is 9.2 miles East of this location.  It is also 54 miles to Interstate 75 and the Mackinac Bridge.

The long straight highway that US 2 has been is now over as the highway will be following the north shore of Lake Michigan all the way to Interstate 75 and the Mackinac Bridge.  The view out the right window now has intermittent views of the lake.

Naubinway is a small town with about 636 people and a few businesses along US 2 with the US Post Office midway through town on the way to the next big view of Lake Michigan on the East side of town. 

From the East side of town, this view looking southeast is the path of US 2 clinging to the north coastline of Lake Michigan as we head toward Interstate 75 and our path south.  We have only 42 miles to the end of our travels on US 2.

At this point on the coastline, there is about 18 miles to get to Interstate 75 and our turn toward the South.

Here is Mile Marker 311 where trees once again block the view of Lake Michigan on the right side of the roadway as we are now going southeast on US 2.

Just over 2 miles East from mile marker 311 is this restaurant that serves "meat pies" called Pasties.  This has nothing to do with exotic dancers.  Click the link to discover how this regional food came to Michigan from Cornwall in the United Kingdom.

After passing US 2 mile marker 318, you will find this tourist place with a lookout tower and telescope to look toward the Mackinac Bridge.

This Indian Casino is in a town right on Interstate 75 just a few miles from this sign on US 2.

Civilization as we know it appears as we approach Interstate 75 with fast food chains, motels, and more than just ONE gas station.

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