Madison, Georgia PAGE 4. 

July 20, 2019: The main entrance to the hotel is at the north end of the building.  We went inside to see the architecture and one of the normal guest rooms.

Looking down West Madison Street toward the center of town, some of the older commercial buildings are still in use today.  This street is part of Georgia state highway 83.

The town square is located about three blocks from the park.  This is the intersection of GA 83 where it turns right with three US highways, US 129, US 278, and US 441.  US 441 comes down south through central Georgia to Florida and is only one block from where I am typing this web page today near Kissimmee, Florida.

The Morgan County court house is at the southeast corner of the town square.  It faces the US post office which is at the center of the park area of the town square.

This is town square viewed from the court house.  The US postal service delivery truck is parked behind the post office building which faces the north side of he square.

This is the view of the intersection where we came in from the right on Georgia 83.  Looking west is the path of all the highways going toward Atlanta and Macon, Georgia.

If you look to the left while waiting for the light to turn green, you see the front of the post office and the shaded park benches in the town square.

Several blocks west of the town square are some fine old homes on the main road heading for Atlanta and Macon.  Linda took this photo from directly in front of the house.

She took a few steps to the right from her location for the photo above and got this view showing more of the porch around the west side of the house.

There was another interesting house nearby seen from the other side of the main road in this image captured by Linda.

She took this additional photo to emphasize the round corner of the house and the west side of the property.  This place is bigger than the front view suggests.


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