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August 22, 2004:  I have been working on the web since 1998 when I first created a web site for a company I worked with in those days.   The look and feel of this web site follows that one.   I wrote most of the technical articles there. 
Let's talk about this site.  I have wanted to get my own domain name for some time.  You probably noticed by now that I am a fan of Star Trek.   I was in college when Star Trek was first on NBC network television.  I have remained a fan of all the Star Trek spin-off television series and movies since 1966.  When I first got a personalized FLORIDA license plate, I wanted to pay homage to my favorite entertainment.  Only hard core fans would understand NCC1701 as a license plate number.  I thought about Doctor McCoy being from Georgia, and so am I.  What happened next was to decide how to use the SEVEN letters permitted on the FLORIDA license plate to produce a phonetic sounding acronym that would say ENTERPRISE.  Now, use your imagination and a bit of Georgia Southern Drawl, and say it "N-2-PRISE."  Now you know how I got N2PRISE on my FLORIDA and Tennessee license plates.
As for finally getting a domain name, well some guy in England must have seen my postings on the web over the years with my email address and said that looks good and took www.n2prise.com but he isn't doing anything with it. As of May 18, 2010, it appears to have been abandoned.  I took the web address www.n2prise.org for this web site.  In 2011, I bought the web address www.n2prise.com and pointed to this web site.
And of course, the name on the side of my airplane is ENTERPRISE, and the N-number registration is N2PZ.  I chose that one because of what appears in the opening credits of each episode of the Star Trek "ENTERPRISE" television show.  When the main titles show, they have scenes of famous ships and airplanes.  One of those ships is the old English sailing ship ENTERPRIZE.  Now you know where the Z came from.
And as if that is not enough, the opening words of the theme song of the new Enterprise television show say a lot about my project:
"It's been a long road, getting from there to here."
"It's been a long time, but my time is finally near."
"And I will see my dream come alive at last.  I will touch the sky."
"And they're not gonna hold me down no more, not they're not gonna change my mind."
"Cause I've got faith of the heart."
"I'm going where my heart will take me."
"I've got faith to believe.  I can do anything."
"I've got strength of the soul.  An no one's gonna bend or break me."
"I can reach any star.  I've got faith, I've got faith, faith of the heart."
(Enterprise theme written by Dianne Warren, performed by Russell Watson.)
Listen to it next time you see the show or be patient and it will play from this page if you are using Internet Explorer.   Chrome and Firefox browser users will have to "RIGHT CLICK" to download the music via this link and play it manually in a new tab or window.   If you did not hear the music on the home page, get it HERE using the same method.
update2.gif (1754 bytes) October 25, 2004.
I just received a letter I wrote to myself on December 31, 2003.  It was written during a church service in West Palm Beach.  At the time I wrote it, the words seemed inspired, not contrived.  I had forgotten all about it until the letter was recently delivered.  When the letter to me in my handwriting came in the mail from the church this past Saturday, I was surprised at how much of it has become reality in the past 10 months.  Here is my letter:
"When I fly, my spirit soars far above my airplane.   For in the joy and freedom of flight comes the spirit that guides me to a safe place in my life -- not just a safe landing.  May the Joy I feel in my travels and my flight endeavors be passed along to those I meet and greet along the way of my life."
"Be with the moment -- for it will become a great and wonderful memory of all that is held true."
That night after I had sealed my letter in the envelope, I had another thought to add and wrote it on the back of the envelope:
"There are no limits to what can be accomplished."
I got the mail right after my day with two EAA chapter members that are just starting their flying and aircraft building experience.
(end of update)
I hope this gave you an insight into my joys in life.
Jerry K. Thorne
East Ridge, Tennessee (I moved to the Melbourne, Florida area in 2012.)
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