The Front Door Lamp Post Repair - - PAGE 73.

October 14, 2019:  The Front Door Lamp Post was all steel construction and has finally rusted out.  As you can see here, only the wires held up the lamp fixture.

Here is the old lamp fixture showing the rusted out bottom that used to connect to the 3-inch diameter lamp post.  I had to cut out some of the remaining rusted bottom to remove the cracked light fixture and recover the light bulb.

Here is the new lamp fixture I purchased from Lowe's compared to the OLD lamp.

Here is the photo I took on Monday, October 14 with the new lamp I installed before sundown on October 13, 2019.

This closer photo shows the details of this ALL PLASTIC fixture that will NOT rust.  I hooked up the three wires and installed the ONE screw needed to secure the fixture to the top of the existing lamp pole.  I checked the pole to see if it was corroded.  I was very sturdy.  The underground electrical wire up to the top of the lamp post was in good shape.