Mid-Summer is HOT in Florida PAGE 459. 

August 27, 2021:  Friday's are usually slow days for my day job.  I looked at the home page for this web site and decided to "clean up" the part about Jerrie Mock.  I also took a look at the third page of the Jerrie Mock section to make a few changes there.  Late yesterday, I helped Linda to move her large umbrella from the EAST side of the pool deck to the WEST side.  It is in a position to provide the most shade from about noon to 2 PM on that side of the pool.  She gets in the pool around 4 PM on good days.  I usually join her after 5 PM on work days.  When I am not flying my airplane, a daily routine is to walk the dog early in the morning before it gets hot.  I spend most of the day at my computer checking news online and monitoring the company email account.  Here is a photo of the umbrella.  That gray cover over the base has four 25-pound bags of kitty litter on the steel frame to stabilize the umbrella.

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