The NEW YEAR 2020 is almost here! PAGE 454. 

December 28, 2019:  Today being a Saturday gave me some time to clean up some of this web site.  The home page has not been properly displayed on smart phones and PADS until I discovered some errors on font size in my home page.  I used a Google search describing my home page symptoms and the answer was found.  I examined the code on my home page and found the need for </font> was all that was missing.  I also changed the display from centered text to normal text in the Jerrie Mock table that is below my what's new block.  Cell phones and tablets now display my home page as it is seen on computers, "correctly" as I wanted all along.

I looked at my airplane log book and find that my last flight on November 30, 2019 brought me to 50-hour oil change time.  I have the AeroShell 100 oil and the oil filter ready for installation on my next visit to the airport.


January 1, 2020:  I am writing this on January 12, 2020 as I failed to mention anything about the beginning of the new year until today.  It was a very good New Year's Eve with my best friend Linda sharing a kiss at midnight as the lighted "2020 Cloud" dropped here in Saint Cloud, Florida.  The center of this town had several streets blocked off with local bands setup at three locations and street vendors lining those streets with beer, wine, and snacks available.  

I am updating the web site for another airplane maintenance event as you can see below.

January 11, 2020: I went to the airport to do the oil change on my airplane.  I remembered to take one photo before getting the airplane all buttoned up for the next flight.  This image was taken just after draining four quarts of oil from my engine.  I remembered to plug in my oil sump heater to get the old oil to flow freely into that old gallon milk jug.  The AeroShell box still has six quarts of new oil inside.  A few minutes before I took this photo.  There were a couple of main wheel wooden chocks on the floor with the case of oil sitting on them.  The chocks and the case of oil were just high enough to put the empty milk jug below the quick drain and allow my oil drain tube to get just inside the top of the milk jug.

When I started to fill the engine with FIVE quarts of AeroShell 100 PLUS aviation oil, I remembered to plug in my oil sump heater again so the oil would be warm and very easy to circulate when it is time to start the engine.  I always have the fuel knob in the cut-off setting when I turn on the starter and watch for indications of oil pressure on my engine monitor.  When I was satisfied the NEW oil was coating all the moving parts.  I let go of the starter switch, pushed in the RED fuel knob for normal fuel flow and started the engine, kepping the RPM under 800 until the engine was smooth and quiet out on the ramp in front of the hangar.  I gradually brought the RPM up to 1,800 as I do for a normal pre-takeoff test.  I wanted to be sure I would get a response from the propeller when I moved the BLUE knob to fill the two oil cylinders in the prop hub.  After that, I brought the engine down to idle power, locked the left main brake and turned the airplane toward the open hangar door and brought it just inside the door and shut it down.  It is so much easier to turn my airplane around using the tow bar when on the flat floor inside the hangar.

The Hobbs meter did not tick over from 435.0 hours from the short engine run time to get the oil circulated on the ramp test.

There are TWO Faeta light sport fiber glass airplanes parked in the hangar as you can see in the background of the image above.  Both of them had fuel tank leak issues and Billy has resolved both of the leak issues very nicely.  Both of them have been test flown and are ready to go back into normal flight status. 

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