On the Road (Day Job) and a Family Visit.

November 19, 2006:  This is the Sunday after a road trip to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and North Carolina.  I left home last Saturday, November 11th to visit my son in York, PA.  I arrived Saturday evening after my grand-daughters were in the bed asleep.  Saturday was a day of "honey-do chores" with my son Jason.  I taught him how to install a three-way dimmer switch and how to assemble and install fluorescent lights in his garage.   I also showed him how to program garage door remote controls.  His minivan has three built-in garage door openers that needed to be configured to emulate his original remote control units.  After that, the doors opened directly from the van, rather than needing the sun-visor clip-on remotes.  He is a CPA, not an engineer.  I taught him the fundamentals about electrical wiring color codes and safety procedures.   Needless to say, I call him with questions about filing income tax returns.

November 13, 2006:  As always, I love to get pictures of the girls so they don't grow up too quickly.  Katie is being shy due to my infrequent visits.  I should try to come visit more often.
DSCR0182.JPG (322096 bytes)

Megan is walking better now and is not camera shy like her older sister.
DSCR0183.JPG (335363 bytes)

Katie got up last on Monday morning as I was preparing to depart on my business travels in Pennsylvania.  I caught her unaware on this photo.  Luckily, the camera went off before she could turn away from me.
DSCR0184.JPG (330681 bytes)

Katie hid her face from me when I tried to take a photo of the whole family.   Jason had to turn around to get her to look at me.  That Mona Lisa smile is hiding something for sure.
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