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August 23, 2013:  This photo shows the north end of the family room and doors to the bedrooms on the east and north side of the house.   There is a linen closet with open doors between two of the bedroom doors.
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This is the view of the north side of the kitchen area from the family room.   The windows show the Florida Room and the view out the sliding doors to the north.   The white dish washer is below and to the right of the double sink.
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The view of the south side of the kitchen shows white cabinets and appliances between the dark cabinets below.  A pocket door opens to the dining area beyond.
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This bedroom measures 10 feet by 13 feet, but the 10 feet is across the wall with the windows.  When the closet doors are opened, the size of the room is reduced to make a king-sized bed unusable.  This room will become my office.  The family room between here and the kitchen will be the location of the cable modem and wi-fi transmitter for the house.  There will be two computer desks in the family room for my wife and her son.  This room will have my office furniture, a laser printer and a color inkjet printer for my work space.
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This is a full bath with tub and shower that was originally intended to have an outside door to the Florida Room and a pool deck if there had been a swimming pool.   There is a full-length mirror at that end of the room with my reflection.  I remembered to get the camera out of the reflection to block the flash from the photo.   The reflection of one mirror to the second mirror shows the water faucet and the shower head in the bathtub area.
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This green room is on the north side of the house and measures 11.5 feet by 10 feet and was previously used as an office.  There is room on the north wall seen here to place a king-sized bed for guests.
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The shelves were used when this was an office.  They will be moved to the other bedroom where my office will be.  There are two cable TV outlets on the wall near the shelves.  The wall on the right measures 10 feet from the north wall.   The shelves have to come down to make room to walk around the foot of the king-size bed.
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This is the largest of the three bedrooms on the northeast corner of the house.   It has windows on the north and east sides of the room.  The room measures 11 feet by 14.5 feet.  It can easily accommodate a king-sized bed.
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This bathroom has pocket doors on both sides with the larger bedroom on the north side and the new office on the south side.  It has a walk-in shower to save space.  The camera is looking north through the pocket door from the "office" side of the bath room.
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The last photo shows the sink and mirror in the little bathroom also seen from the office.  I should be working at the new house tomorrow and taking more photos as needed.
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