I was out in Texas and managed to get to my Grandson's birthday party on May 23rd.  His birthday is May 26th, but more of us could come on the 23rd, so that was the day the party was held.  I took this first shot without aiming.  I just pointed the camera over my shoulder and pushed the button.  If you remember the flying pages, you may recognize my son in the background with his digital camera at the ready.  Ian really has his mother's blue eyes.

DSCF0002.JPG (329793 bytes)

A birthday cake baked and decorated by Ian's mommy.
DSCF0006.JPG (325854 bytes)

So many gifts!  Where do I begin?
DSCF0011.JPG (334666 bytes)

DSCF0014.JPG (329481 bytes)

Oh, an SUV with doors and the hood that opens!
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What a mess!  All the gifts are unwrapped now.  Who didn't eat all their pizza?
DSCF0020.JPG (335265 bytes)

Some assembly required...  Hurry up Daddy!  When do I get to play with it?
DSCF0021.JPG (332198 bytes)

It's time for CAKE and ICE CREAM!  Make a wish and blow out your candle!
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(I wonder what I will get for Christmas?)
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