On the Road (Day Job) and a Family Visit.

April 12, 2007:  The recurring business trips to the DC/PA areas provides a chance to visit my son and his family.  Here are my latest trip photos from a short visit on the evening of April 12 and the following morning, April 13, 2007.  Megan's hair is longer now, and she answers "yes" with the word "huh" from the Southern "Uh-huh" affirmative acknowledgement.
DSCR0327.JPG (335757 bytes)

I missed the shot with her holding the stuffed white "Lammie" that is her favorite animal.
DSCR0328.JPG (340239 bytes)

Here is a profile of Katie talking with her mom.  You can tell I am crouched low for this photo.
DSCR0329.JPG (339111 bytes)

Katie gets a little bit of adjustment to her blue jeans.
DSCR0330.JPG (332626 bytes)

And here is a series of photos trying to coordinate smiles on little girls with their Dad for the last photos before we all head out for the day.
DSCR0331.JPG (330472 bytes)

DSCR0332.JPG (327527 bytes)

Megan gets some coaching from Mom off camera.  Katie is having fun, and Jason gets caught in mid-sentence.
DSCR0333.JPG (334981 bytes)

Oh, well.  The photos may not be perfectly posed, but it sure was fun to see my grand daughters and get some hugs and kisses.
DSCR0334.JPG (326384 bytes)

DSCR0335.JPG (332388 bytes)

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