June 2022 Vacation Day 15, Columbia River Points East PAGE 39.

June 6, 2022:  We are entering an area of Oregon where there are wind generators on the taller mountains as seen here on both sides of the Columbia River.  The power from the wind generators is connected to the power grid.  The John Day Dam is also connected to the power grid as seen at the right side of this photo.

The small town here is Rufus.  The dam on the river is named for John Day.

Here is the John Day Dam across the Columbia River where wind generators along the mountain ridges add to the power grid.

Looking at the grain silos in the port of Arlington, it is a good indication of nearby irrigated farm lands.

The far side of the grain elevator and silos is where grain ships would dock to load the farm products from nearby irrigated crop circles about 8 miles East from this location.

This Google Earth image shows two wind generators at the edge of a plateau just south of the interstate highway.

The Yellow Push Pin marks the location on the interstate highway where a few wind generators are visible near the edge of the plateau. There are more than 100 of these wind generators on top of the plateau that are not visible from the highway.

Exit 147 leads up to the top of the plateau to the wind machines and the irrigated crop circles.

Now that we are out of the river gorge, the roads can be straight.  This is the first sign post with Interstate 84 and US 30 for quite awhile.

With flat ground, the Columbia River is easy to see on the north side of the highway.

The road is climbing as we approach the next exit.

The road elevation has increased by approximately 100 feet.  We have about 17 miles to go before turning off and heading north to our motel for tonight.

This state route 207 will take us up near the motel which is on US 395 in town.

We are here at last for the night of June 6, 2022.  The departure south on US 385 will take us down to I-84 to continue our travels toward Idaho tomorrow.