Kaitlyn Mackenzie Thorne

October 11, 2004: Katie went to the beach on the island of Aruba.  This is what she wore along with sunscreen of course!
0546553-R1-008-2A.jpg (47103 bytes)

With a little help from mom and dad, she gets to stand on the beach and watch waves come in.  Wiggle those toes in the sand girl!
0546553-R1-012-4A.jpg (39492 bytes)

See, she really is at the beach!
0546553-R1-014-5A.jpg (40264 bytes)

October 31, 2004:  Sitting up and having her first Halloween.
PA300116.JPG (46415 bytes)

And I do what with all this stuff?  What Gerber baby contest?
PA300112.JPG (56464 bytes)

Happy Baby!!
P7210103.JPG (60993 bytes)

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