When it Rains, we get minor flooding PAGE 23.

April 8, 2021:  Let's start at the beginning with the driveway paver stones replaced at the house next door, 1362 Emerald Drive.

Here is the work in progress on April 8, 2021 with the removal of the older "thin" paver stones.  I advised them of the need for lowering the driveway even with the swale depth.  The foreman on site doing the work called his boss who said that requirement was not in the contract with the resident.  The new stones are one inch thicker than the original stones.  Before they put the new stones in place, they removed the old 4-inch flexible pipe from under the driveway

April 12, 2021:  The work to replace the stones with THICKER stones is complete with the old stones packed on skids waiting to be removed.  Today was the first rain after the job was finished.  The swale is full and overflowing into the street.  The storm drain is at the south side of the lot at 1362 Emerald Drive.

June 5, 2021:  What is really next?  The weather in Florida in June is called the rainy season by the weather man on TV.  Our street is subject to some flooding.  The mail box in front of the house is close to the street to make mail delivery easy for the mail truck driver.  The rain water backed up in the swale makes the trip to the mail box a bit wet.

The swale or ditch if you prefer, fills with water more now after the next door neighbor on our south side replaced all the paver stones in their driveway.  The new stones are thicker than the old ones and backs up more water in front of our house and the one on the NORTH side of us at 1354 Emerald Drive.  The house at 1350 Emerald Drive has drainage problems with his driveway, but it appears that it is not related to he water backing up from 1362 Emerald Drive.  The house at 1350 is on higher ground as is his driveway.

I drove around the neighborhood south of here and found they have drainage problems also.  When I take the dog for a walk on the street, we use the driveway on the south side to get past the water across our driveway swale and ditch parallel to the street.

The swale at the southeast corner of our lot at 1358 gets fairly wide as the water does not flow across the higher driveway next door at 1362.

The water backs up in the swale across our lot and into the yard of our neighbor to the north of us as seen at the bottom of the photo below..

There are places where I can step across the water in the swale to get to the mail box.

When the water gets this high in the front yard and driveway, the frogs lay their eggs here and we see some tadpoles.

Depending on the rain storms coming this way, the swale may not dry out for a day or two.

The drain pipe for this area is down by that next telephone pole you see ahead at the south side of 1362 Emerald Drive.

When the new paver stones were inspected by the county, the driveway failed due to the water blockage it created.  When is the county going enforce the failure to maintain drainage at 1362 Emerald Drive?

The swale on the south side of their driveway needs to be deeper to increase the flow to the drain pipe that leads to the lake behind these houses.  The drain is at the telephone pole down by the gray mail box on the property line.

This brick walkway at the edge of their property also slows the water flow southward.  The old four-inch corrugated pipe was connected to a grate at the left side of the brick walkway where the water is deepest.

This view looks north from the "offending" driveway at 1362 Emerald Drive.

This view looking East shows how much water is standing on the brick sidewalk as it heads to the street.