Removing Aquatic Weeds:  DAY 3 PAGE 6.

April 22, 2020: The third day continues with no work on the south side of the dock until the Caterpillar can get into this area.

The lake water level keeps getting lower to show the tops of pilings from the dock next door on the south side was abandoned.  The pilings were cut off at the water line sometime in the past.  That area is behind the neighbor's lot, not behind Linda's property.  This is on the south side of her dock not seen in this photo.  I am standing on her dock to take this picture.

The Caterpillar came up along the north side of the dock to take out plants and reeds adjacent to the dock.  This photo shows how much the dock has sagged where I have to make a repair as you will see later.

The CAT moved over to the north property line of our neighbor on the north side.  He and his wife are getting their part of the lake cleared at the same time as the work being done for Linda.  They got a good deal from Aquatic Weeds, Inc. to do both jobs at the same time.  The same clearing process begins again, but just a bit further north.

The work boats continue to build the debris pile higher adjacent to the dock.  The CAT keeps pulling the reeds and roots and moving them into the water where it is deep enough for the work boats to continue to use their fork lifts.

The birds land on some of the debris piles looking for food.

Linda gets a good look at the progress out on the lake.

The two work boats start building a wall of debris since they cannot move it to the boat landing at this time.

They started building the debris wall north of the barge.  They can move the barge at any time when they are ready to get out on the lake.

One of the work boats sheared a drive shaft to the prop thruster.  They call the office to get a replacement part sent out to this job site.  They tell me this is an easy repair.

The CAT continues moving debris into the deeper water where the work boat can get to it in the north side area.

The CAT moves up on the dry land and mud to continue moving debris toward the open water.  That silver cylinder in this photo is a bird feeder mounted on a steel pole and hook on the land this side of the sea wall.  It is not attached to the rear of the CAT.

One man is wearing wader pants and using an underwater "weed cutter" saw with a gas engine on the end of a long pipe with a long drive shaft.  He operates with the circular saw blade just above the floor of the lake to cut loose the root ball of the reeds.  Some of the debris that was adjacent to the end of the dock is now the first part of the wall being built north of the barge.  The barge is the second part of the wall.  The rest of the debris north of there is resting on the lake bed and has about four feet of debris piled above the water line of the lake.

The one work boat continues to move debris along the north wall path.