1358 Gets a New Roof PAGE 1.

February 21, 2019: This was the day the roofers started removing the old shingles.  There was a leak on this side into the patio area only.

This end of the house has a guest room and another bedroom that is now an office.

This north end of the house has the garage up front and a window for the guest room.  The satellite dish was abandoned a few years ago.  It was removed and discarded.  If you look beyond the tree in this photo, there is a forest of weeds that are over SIX FEET TALL.  PAGE 2 of this series of web pages begins the story of clearing those weeds for a good view of the lake that is behind this house.

February 22, 2019: This was the day a new roof was put on her house by a professional crew.  I was able to take some photos while the crew was getting ready for day TWO.  Yesterday was when the old shingles were removed and repairs were made to the wooden roof panels.  The dumpster has the remains of the old shingles and metal parts that have been replaced.

Here is a telephoto view from the front of the lot.

This view is from the northeast corner of the lot.

This view is the northwest corner of the house.

The view of the southwest corner of the house shows the new shingles already installed with more to go today.

Some of the old aluminum will soon be in the dumpster out in front of the garage door.

There are plenty of paper wrappings from the shingles to be removed as part of the cleanup later today.

The paper and plastic will be gone by the end of this day.