The Summer Rains and the Kitchen Leaks - - PAGE 72.

August 10, 2019:  The Florida rainy season is here again and the Kitchen Leaks are back.  A leak seen in earlier web pages is back again in this photo.

The leak seen in the photo above is spreading to a point directly over the sink.  We need a professional roofer to seal the roof where the main roof meets the flat roof over the Florida room.  See PAGE 55 and PAGE 56 in this section of the web site from 2018.  Some drywall work will be needed to scrape off the paint in the kitchen and see if there is mold and mildew in the photos seen here.  The photo below shows the worst effects of the leak.  I got on the roof and removed accumulated leaves, fallen branches, and moss on the same day I took these photos on this page.

This photo shows one of two containers that captured dripping water on Wednesday, August 14 when it rained hard for two hours.  These containers can hold up to 1.7 liters of water.  Each of them filled more than half was to the top and emptied into the sink.  One of them is shown here with paper towels to suppress the splash from the drips.  This one is half full which made the total captured leak water about 2.5 liters.  That is more that one of the big plastic soft drink bottles which are 2 liters.

This peeling paint and some mildew is in the Florida room on the EAST wall.