Moving Fill Dirt to NEW Places - - PAGE 61.

June 8, 2018:  The bull dozer with GPS tracking is laying out the precise location of the street on the north side of lots 22 & 23.

He is working on the north side of the street between the manhole for the sanitary sewer and what will eventually be the curb and gutter for the storm drain.  The fill dirt is covering the concrete fixtures of the manhole that are below the ultimate street level.  That RUSTY steel seen in the sun light is just on this side the bull dozer track.  It is the actual man hole access and lid for the chamber below. All these man holes are connected by pipes already down low from the manhole cover.  The effluent flows down hill to the city sewer pump station that is the natural area northwest of lot 23.

This view is from the end of the access road looking northeast where a lot of dirt is waiting to be spread out.

All of those concrete pipes and fixtures for storm drains will find their homes as the streets are created by the GPS-guided dozer.

The scoop shovels and dump trucks are doing a lot of work to move the soil where it is needed.

At the center of this photo are some GREEN PVC PIPES that are used to connect the sanitary sewer man holes together.

June 9, 2018:  The morning light shows more of the work done yesterday.  This view looking from the access road shows the work of the GPS dozer to create the street for lots 22 & 23 behind our house.  The level of the ground is lower than the surrounding soil to accept the WHITE crushed shell fill that is under most paved streets in this part of Florida.  There as few dirt piles between the drainage ditch and the road that was graded yesterday.

Most of the concrete pipes have moved to there streets across the property.