1281 Meadowbrook RD PAGE 41.

April 26 2017:  This page is to show the work of Prominent Lawn Care by Noe Borjas.  He gave me a nearby location to evaluate his work and speak to the home owners.  Both the husband and wife were very happy with Noe's "can do" attitude of what they wanted done in the various areas of their property  My photos below are taken all around the house, although the wife (Joan) indicated not all the areas have been done yet.  She commented about how much has been done in the front yard.  The bushes in the front of the house were all trimmed up even, and all the leaves on the lawn have been removed.  A few leaves remain around the bushes to act as free mulch.

 They also have tree philodendrons around their house in some areas.  Notice that NONE of them have low-hanging leaves or on the ground.

Here is the right side of the house.  The bushes are neatly trimmed.

Leaf removal from the lawn is about all it needed back here for now.  It has been a few days since service.

Joan loves to work on the flowering plants as you can see.  When I rang the door bell, she thought it would be the pool maintenance person and stopped what she was doing.

More tree philodendrons as you can see on the west side of the house.